Ronald McDonald House Charities

In response to feasibility studies which showed a widespread lack of awareness of Ronald McDonald House Charities and its work, the charity looked to engage a PR agency in 2011 and invited pitches.

The brief was to demonstrate that RMHC was a credible charity, deserved of people’s donations, and to build awareness of Ronald McDonald Houses on a local level.

Thus began a long relationship of busy PR, media and public affairs work for the charity to promote its 14 Houses and expansion plans for more Houses.

This has included internal communications work, media training, damage limitation, ground-breaks, openings, special events, a Downing Street reception and continuous media work across the spectrum. Press work has been targeted particularly at local, regional, parenting and consumer media with a strong slant on social media campaigns and interaction.

The consultancy has added value to the charity’s campaigns and engages in day-to-day activity all year round.

Those who have stayed in a Ronald McDonald House during their time of need are unfailingly loyal thereafter, supporting, fundraising and spreading the message. The charity has been the ‘charity of choice’ for 20 years by McDonalds’s and further support comes from McDonald’s customers, staff and franchisees.

With its active staff, its ‘can-do’ attitude and knowing that it is fulfilling a great need in providing family centred-care for NHS Hospitals across the country , Ronald McDonald House Charities is set to go from strength to strength.